Australasian Institute of Emergency Services


Safety and Photovoltaic Arrays - Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council

Safety and Photovoltaic Arrays - For Fire and Emergency Services

A short video produced by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) providing information on how to deal with photovoltaic and other alternative electricity generation equipment now typically found in domestic installations.

Mindframe - A resource on the portrayal of suicide and mental illness

A resource created to provide access to accurate information about suicide and mental illness.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Vehicle Emergency Response Guide

To educate and assist emergency responders in the safe handling of the Hybrid Camry technology, Toyota published this Hybrid Camry Emergency Response Guide.

Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre

Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) bring together researchers from universities, CSIRO and other government organisations, and private industry or public sector agencies in long-term collaborative arrangements that support research and development and education activities to achieve real outcomes of national economic and social significance.

Bush Fire Safety

Prepare Your Home and Property for Bush Fire!
BUSH FIRE INFO LINE | 1800 679 737

Vehicle Burnover

Passenger vehicle burnover in bushfires
This research project investigated and clarified previous uncertainties relating to safety factors for passengers forced to take refuge inside a vehicle during a bushfire.