Australasian Institute of Emergency Services

Certified Emergency Services Manager (CESM)

What is the Certified Emergency Services Manager Designation?

In 2023, the Institute introduced the Certified Emergency Services Manager (CESM) designation to recognise members that are both remaining contemporary through continuing professional development and contributing to development of the emergency management sector. The AIES recognises that continuing professional development is very important to ensure members are developing skills and knowledge in line with:

To apply for the CESM designation AIES members are required to submit an evidence record of the activities they have completed on a triannual basis. A Panel of Adjudicators verify the application and assess if CESM designation conditions have been met. If the application is successful, the member will be eligible to use the CESM post nominals for a period of three years. E.g. Moana Rabul CESM MAIES.

What activities contribute to accumulating points?

Members applying for the CESM designation are required to accrue points under two areas. These two areas are knowledge development and industry contribution. Examples of knowledge development activities include:

Examples of industry contribution activities include:

Detailed examples of activities are included in application resources in the Member Portal.

How can I verify if a claim of being a CESM is valid?

All members awarded the CESM will be displayed on the AIES website. If a member fails to be a financial member or reapply their name will be withdrawn from the website.