Australasian Institute of Emergency Services

Who Are We?

The Australasian Institute of Emergency Services offers members of emergency service and affiliate organisations the opportunity to be a member of a professional body dedicated to the progression and recognition of the Emergency Service role in the community.

The Institute acts as an independent forum where members can be heard and their opinions shared with other emergency service members.

The Institute aims to provide a professional body for the study of the roles and functions of Emergency Services and Emergency management Organisations throughout Australia, and the promotion and advancement of professional standards in these and associated services.

We provide a voice for the Emergency Services, by speaking out on issues that affect our members and the community in general.

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AIES Awards for Excellence

The AIES National Award Scheme recognises outstanding and significant contributions that individuals make as members of an emergency service or affiliated organisation in the fields of:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Training
  • Support and,
  • Innovation

Nominations close on the 31st March

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What the Institute Offers You

  1. Access to the Quarterly National Emergency Response magazine
  2. Regular (monthly) newsletters (dependent upon State Division of residence)
  3. AIES affiliations and partnerships with allied organisations
  4. Complimentary access to AIES webinars (and webinars offered by affiliated partner organisations)
  5. Opportunities for complimentary registrations to some relevant conferences
  6. The ability to apply for Certified Emergency Services Manager status (fee applies)
  7. National Awards program
  8. State Awards program
  9. Progression program (Member to Fellow)
  10. An official membership certificate
  11. A lapel badge
  12. Recognition of years of service (certificate/endorsed lapel badge)
  13. Authority to use the appropriate MAIES or FAIES post nominals whilst a financial member
  14. Ability to participate in reviews of units of competency or sector policies
  15. Possibility of AIES advocacy on members’ behalf on contentious issues with governments, employers or voluntary agency management structures
  16. Potential for access to overseas study opportunities via on-line/face to face training courses
  17. Potential access to Volunteer Leadership training courses
  18. Access to an independent forum where members can be heard and opinions shared with other emergency services members
  19. The ability to be part of an Australasia wide Institute dedicated to the progression and recognition of the Emergency Service role in the community
  20. All this for $60 per year
Apply to Join Online

Join Now - Apply online!

All members of the Australia and New Zealand emergency services and affiliated organisations are invited to apply for membership of the Institute.

The cost of membership is minimal: a $60 yearly subscription which is tax deductible for persons employed in an emergency management or counter disaster capacity.

Student, Associate and Retired Memberships are also available.

Chapters of the Institute are established in most States in Australia and membership of the Institute carries with it a professional post nominal.

Apply online! Application forms, as well as details of the aims and objectives of the Institute are available on our membership page.

Membership Information

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Volunteer Leadership Training

Volunteer Leadership Program

Australian Emergency Management Institute offers a Volunteer Leadership Course conducted in partnership with the Australian Emergency Management Volunteer Forum.

Australian Emergency Management Volunteer Forum

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