Australasian Institute of Emergency Services

The Alan Alder Award for Exceptional Service to Emergency Management

The Award

The Award will be awarded annually, dependent on a suitable recipient being identified.
The monetary value of the Award is set at $800.00 for 2019 and will be reassessed biennially.
The Award may be in the form of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Attendance at an emergency management related seminar or conference.
  • Attendance at an emergency management related training program.
  • Financial support to undertake an emergency management related research project.
  • Financial support for another approved activity.


To be nominated for the Award the nominee must:

  • have been an active, paid or volunteer, member of an emergency management agency or organisation in Victoria,
  • have been a member of that agency or organisation for a minimum of 10 years, and
  • have displayed exceptional commitment to the delivery of emergency management services.

Nomination Process

Nominations for the Award may be submitted by an individual or an organisation. Self nominations will not be accepted.
Full details, including the appropriate form, are in the attached document.

Award Winners

  • 2012 Kevin Perry, ESM MAIES
  • 2022 John Chaplain
  • 2023 Alan Marshall, CStj LFAIES
  • 2024 Athony Oxford, OAM ASM CStJ MAIES