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Beginning with the Autumn 2015 edition, National Emergency Response will be published as a digital magazine that can be viewed on your desktop computer, tablet device and smart phone.

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- digital magazines can be accessed from anywhere through desktop computers, tablest and smart phones. They can also be produced much faster than the printed version so informaiton can be sent to you sooner.


- digital magazines provide a more engaging reading experience through interactive content such as video, audio, links to websites and other mutlimedia


- digital magazines will benefit our local community and future generations as we wast less on printing, transporting and disposing of print publications.


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The National Emergency Response

The National Emergency Response is the official journal of the Australian Institute of Emergency Services.

The National Emergency Response is published quarterly with copies delivered to all members and advertisers free of charge.

Members wishing to contribute articles for publication in the National Emergency Response should submit a copy of their article to their State/Territory Registrar or direct to the Editor in the required format as outlined in the Publisher's Editorial Guide.

Questions or comments concerning the National Emergency Response should be directed to Information concerning the Copyright for articles published in the Journal can be found on our copyright page.

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Editorial Team

Editor: Ms Kristi High -

Associate Editor: Ron Jones LFAIES


Countrywide Austral Publishing

Bourke Street, Melbourne

Publisher's Editorial Guide and Deadlines


Spring 2013 (PDF, 1.76MB)

  • From the beach to disaster management - George Hill SLSA Qld
  • Step up to the Challenge 
  • Division Reports 
  • The Earth Wins 
  • Commemorating 175 Years of Policing in South Australia 
  • Developing Countries Need Volunteers for International Development - Austraining International
  • From Operational Planning to Conference Preparation - Brian Mattner MAIES
  • Tasmanian Emergency Service Awards - Ron Jones FAIES
  • Warning Centres, Emergency Warnings and Evacuation, Part III - Ian Mannix
  • Canada Bay Emergency Services Pledge for Dry July 
  • Fire Department Instructor Conference 2013Barry Archer
  • Police inspection Northern Territory style

Winter 2013 (PDF, 2.10MB)

  • Postcard from Hiroshima - Robert Tickner
  • Harnessing the Power of Real and Virtual Social Networks During Disasters - Amanda Gearing
  • Millions to Thank - Darren Saffin
  • Victoria CFA 
  • Social Support Promotes Psychological Well-Being Following a Natural Disaster - Jane Shakespeare-Finch and Julie Green
  • Tasmania Sets the Pace on Firefighter Protection
  • Ambulance Victoria Showing UK Paramedics How It's Done 
  • Warning Centres, Emergency Warnings and Evacuations, Part II - Ian Mannix

Autumn 2013 (PDF, 2.88MB)

  • Police Commissioner Speaks out about Crime in South Australia - Commissioner Gary Burns
  • Notice of 2013 AGM 
  • Kapunda: Catching a Killer - Shelaye Boothey
  • Red Cross Leads Flood Recovery - Anthony Balmain
  • Housewife's Take on Grampians Fire - Lexia Irving
  • Comprehensive Menatal Health Support to Members - Mick Bourke
  • Warning Centres, Emergency Warnings and Evacuations, Part I - Ian Mannix

Summer 2012 / 2013 (PDF, 4.25MB)

  • I Can and I Care - Anna Andereson
  • You and The RSL - Noeleen Lincoln OAM JP
  • Applying Skills to the Civilian World - Darren Saffin
  • Founding Member Keeps Eye on AIES - Elizabeth Naylor
  • Emergency Services Step up to the Eureka Climb Challenge - Darren Saffin
  • How A Cold Case King Mapped Out A Killer
  • Report Puts Figure On St John'S Help - St John Ambulance NSW
  • ESA Chief Moves Up To Lead EMA - Alastair Wilson
  • Building Lifesaving Partnerships in Sri Lanka - Jennifer Roberts and Laura Dunens
  • Principles for Peer Support Programs in High-Risk Organisations - Tracey Varker, Andrea Phelps and David Forbes
  • SA Recognises Outstanding Volunteering

Spring 2012 (PDF, 3.4MB)

  • Why Tougher Penalties Should Be Introduced For Motorists Who Fail To Stop - Senior Sergeant Greg Davies
  • Out of the Fire and Into the Sea - Thomas Walsh MAIES
  • CFA Goes Digital Across Victoria
  • David Mack, Enjoying the Adventure - Member profile by Elizabeth Naylor
  • Experts Help Shape Ground-Breaking Conference - Elizabeth Naylor
  • Bushfire Project Targets the Frail Older and Vulnerable Community - Karen Kimpton
  • Lifesavers Hit the Surf at State Training Camp
  • Exploring the partnership between the Australian and New Zealand Red Cross in Disaster Recovery

Winter 2012 (PDF, 5MB)

  • My Emergency Journey - Ron Jones FAIES
  • Emergency Multi-Tasker
  • CFA Goes Digital Across Victoria
  • AIES Members Awarded for Duty
  • Experts Help Shape Ground-Breaking Conference - Elizabeth Naylor
  • Bush Search & Rescue - the specialist emergency service - Rick Head MAIES
  • Catastrophic Work/Life Balance - Greg Linsdell
  • Likelihood of Innovative Construction Techniques to Strengthen Housing for
    Disaster Mitigation in Central Vietnam - Tran Tuan Anh and Nguyen Quoc Thang
  • CFS (SA) Adopts Qld Flood Technology

Autumn 2012 (PDF, 4.4MB)

  • Protecting Those Who Protect Us - Dr Michael Eburn MAIES
  • Good Sports in Hutt City - Noeleen Lincoln OAM JP
  • NSWPF Hits Back at Student's Claims - Assistant Commissioner Michael Corby APM
  • Hundreds Take Part in National Summit - Alastair Wilson
  • The Colourful Character of APY 
  • Search and Rescue in Antarctica Part III - Incidents - Martin Boyle MAIES

Summer 2011 / 2012 (PDF, 4.3MB)

  • What Really Is Risk Communication? - Alastair Wilson MAIES, FEMPA
  • A Weekend at Sweers - Peter (Crazy) Graham
  • Saving Lives in the Surf - Bernadene Hansen MAIES
  • Self-Reliance the New Paradigm - Alastair Wilson MAIES, FEMPA
  • Buildings Fall, Communities Crumble - Tracey Toovey
  • Young Volunteer Empowered at Sea - Mickael Gieules MAIES
  • Three Companies, A Complete ES Solution
  • New Zealand to host games
  • Search and Rescue in Antarctica, Part 2 - Martin Boyle MAIES
  • Exercise Luna

Spring 2011 (PDF, 4.8MB)

  • Rampant Ramping - Jeanette Temperley
  • Actors in Waiting? Time for a review of NSWPF recruiting policies - Christopher Budd MAIES
  • Coast Guard Fire Ready
  • Commonwealth Announces Project Funding
  • Nominate a Leader Today
  • Post Flood Postcards - Bill Hoyles MAIES
  • Search and Rescue in Antarctica, Part 1 - Martin Boyle MAIES, CEM
  • Volunteering Queensland - Submission to the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry

Winter 2011 (PDF, 4MB)

  • Ad Campaign Illustrates Spring Street 'Circus' - Greg Davies
  • AFP Tackles the League - Dom Byrne
  • Young Vollie Credits His Best Mates - Melissa Veal
  • Hervey Bay Shows Community Spirit
  • Government News
  • Celebrating National Volunteer's Week
  • Swift Volunteer Response to Floods - St John Ambulance (NSW)
  • Flooded by the Media - Bill Hoyles MAIES
  • State Reports
  • InformatIon Sharing for Emergency Response & Recovery
  • ADF's Extraordinary Athletes

Autumn 2011 (PDF, 6MB)

  • AIES News
  • Agencies Prepare for an Uncertain Future - Harold Wolpert
  • Road Crash Rescue - Nick Bell
  • Notice of 2011 Annual General Meeting
  • NSW SES Flood Response - Phil Campbell
  • Motion of Condolence: National Disasters - Attorney General The Hon. Robert McClelland
  • Cooling Patients May Reduce Brain Injury
  • Collaborative Effort to Rescue Woman - Rebecca Forrest
  • Crossing Borders: One Year On - Haitian Earth Quake
  • Member Profile: David Hull, MAIES

Summer 2010 / 2011 (PDF, 5.05MB)

  • I Can and I Care - Anna Andereson
  • You and The RSL - Noeleen Lincoln OAM JP
  • Australasian Agencies to Benefit from US Responder Knowledge Base - Anthony Blyth
  • Australia's National Rescue Coordination Centre - Activation and Operation - John Rice
  • SA Trio Achieve CEM Honours 
  • Gen Y and Flexible Volunteering - Jack Boessler & Belinda Ding
  • Emergency Services' Race to the Top 
  • The Great NASHO Muster - Barry Presgrave OAM, JP, LFAIES
  • MFS Awarded for Supporting Defence Reservists 
  • ADF Together, United